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Our Vision

Venethor is the first blockchain coin, that applies in a holding company which invests through its subsidiaries in different sectors like investments in noble metals, advanced technologies and exchange platform.The investment of IEO's raised funds, in noble metals, has as a result to completely change the charts of cryptocurrencies and to lead the community of cryptocoins to the path of the real economy's growth (GDP growth). Our vision, as Venethor management team coin is to create the “absolutely successful relationship” between real economy and cryptocurrency.More specific ,Venethor will be the first digital asset which applies in a Holding Company that invests through its subsidiaries to the following sectors.


The subsidiary “Venethor Investments” will invest in noble metals of the P.G.M (Platinum Group Metals ) among with Gold and Silver and also in other cryptocurrencies & products of real economy with premium added value. Great emphasis will be placed to investments on palladium coatings due to its multiple usability, as well as gold and silver due to their financial security in crisis periods.

Start ups

The subsidiary “Venethor Advanced Technologies” will invest in start up companies that focus in high end technologies and innovative products.

Exchange Platform

The subsidiary “Cryptocurrency Exhange Platform” will exchange different cryptocurrency coins. Venethor will be the dominator coin of our platform Cryptoplanex.com a new Cryptocurrency Exchange established in UK. (http://www.cryptoplanex.com)

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Road Map.

  • 2017-2018

    Our Humble Begins

    2 years ago,in our lab, we created a prototype platform. "Venethor Platform", a patent pending multi-cpu usb platform used to extend computer power on every device with usb connection!

  • 2018-2019

    An Agency is Born!

    Cryptoplanex ltd, a UK based company created to support Venethor Platform. Looking towards the future a cryptocurrency is born! Venethor (VNTR) Coin, a crypto to support our Great Platform. Finaly an IEO to support our current project and also to create our own Cryptocurrency exchange.!

  • Q1 2019

    CryptoCurrency Exchange

    A real business connected directly with Venethor. Our team has alredy finished a full feature cryptocurrency exchange! Cryptoplanex Exchange was established in UK (https://cryptoplanex.com). Now it is time to start our IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

  • Q4 2019

    Phase Two Expansion

    With the power of our patent pending platform, our cryptocurrency exchange and according the raised funds of Venethor IEO we will establish an investment-holding company that will belong to our IEO's investors!

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Our Amazing Team

Lead Team Presentation.

Panagiotis Mavridis

Community & Bounty Manager

Tasos Oureilidis

Chief Executive Officer

Spyros Kekos

Chief Operations Officer

Josef Rokos

Graphic Designer

Nikos Kakaniaris


Daniel Santos


Our Team consists of 117 people 3 sections, 3 leaders.

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